Why #YourDigitalHealth Matters

Written by: Zahid Deen, Digital Health and Care Strategic Lead, the ALLIANCE

Published: 06/10/2016

How you can get involved in designing GP digital services fit for the future?

Considering the ALLIANCE values – putting people at the centre of Health and Social Care, supporting transformational change and championing third sector initiatives – it makes sense for digital technologies to be instrumental in achieving its goals.

Here at the Digital Health and Care (DHC) team, we know that DHC is not the future or the next big thing – instead, digital transformation is happening now and it is all around us. Therefore, we want to empower people to make informed choices and help them live well with the aid of technology. So our role is to bring you, and the voice of lived experience, into the heart of these exciting Digital Health developments.

But first of all, what is Digital Health? More than just a buzzword, Digital Health is an umbrella term for a range of tools that can transform the way we think about health services. Nowadays, more and more people have access to ‘smart’ devices that are or can be connected to the internet, which means that you can easily have the whole world in the palm of your hand. So why not bring your own well-being into this digital world as well?

Our new video seeks to explain the concept of Digital Health in an accessible, visual way – no jargon, no complicated concepts. We believe that by raising awareness of some citizen-facing digital health options (including booking appointments, ordering prescriptions online, or future online access to medical record summary) we can inspire citizens to think about their own digital health options and empower them to be a part of this work.



So what do you think – would you like to help shape the future of health and social care?

In the future, we will have a range of different opportunities to get involved on our website. At the moment, we can offer you the chance to have your say in the first national digital health project in Scotland, ‘Our GP’.

‘Our GP’ aims to design future GP digital services with you and based on your needs. Through a series of events (both online and offline) we will explore how digital technology could help transform and enable better care. We are currently holding a number of workshops between 12-27 October across Scotland (Inverness, Skye, Stirling, Ayr, Edinburgh). You can read more and register here: http://dhcscot.alliance-scotland.org.uk/get-involved/

All participants will be able to express their ideas on how GP practices could be improved through digital technology. The most feasible and innovative ideas will be featured on our website and open to feedback. So be part of this ground-breaking Scottish project and help us design the GP digital services that you want!

Web: http://DHCScot.alliance-scotland.org.uk

Email: DHCScot@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Twitter: @DHCScot 

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