Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness is a limited company with Community Interest Company (CIC),

Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness is located in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since one of the main objectives of our project is community education, classes are planned to be held at the Tory Community Centre and Kincorth Community Centre. Also, people for whom our project was created will not need to be tied to transport.
Our students are mostly young people who want to realise themselves and in the future will be able to benefit the community, young mothers, who have a desire to develop themselves, as well as to further invest the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle in the younger generation, and we also focused our attention on people who, for various reasons, could not arrange their work activities and who are looking for new opportunities for themselves.
We strive to provide quality education, support people in their aspirations, give those in need a chance, improve community health and reduce pressure on the NHS.

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