Arthur's Place is a digital health and wellness resource, and social support group for young adults aged 18 to 35.

These people have rheumatological/immunological conditions.

Their goal is to help young people thrive in life, develop the confidence to be pro-active in their own care, and relieve worry and isolation through bringing them together, sharing experiences, reassurance, information and building a “stronger together” community.

With no marketing, just word of mouth and power of social media, they are so proud to share with you that to date Arthur’s Place has been actively embraced by young people in Scotland & nationally, and they keep coming back for more. Over 62,500 young people have visited their website over 223,000 times, while our social group now numbers over 800 highly engaged individuals, including over 70 hard to reach young men, offering each other daily encouragement, reassurance and support.

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