BASE UK is the British Association for Supported Employment.

The purpose of BASE is to support, promote and develop the principles and provision of supported employment.

BASE aims to:

• Assist people with disabilities by encouraging the provision of support into employment.
• Endorse & promote quality standards in the delivery of Supported Employment.
• Nurture & encourage the setting up of new supported employment services.
• Promote the training of supported employment personnel throughout the UK.
• Provide regular, detailed information including an advisory & development service to association members.
• Liaise & negotiate with national and international government & non-government organisations to promote the aims of the Association.

BASE is concerned with establishing collective action on national issues that cannot be addressed by individual agencies and members alone. As a priority, the Association has helped to develop National Occupational Standards for Supported Employment. We want to see better quality support available to everyone who needs it.

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