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Vision that end-of-life plans become as common as birth plans and talking about death is normal and natural.

Before I Go Solutions facilitate this by helping people create excellent and comprehensive end-of-life plans, support to get them completed, and encouragement to have the difficult conversations completing these requires.

Their objectives are:

  • To provide Before I Go on and offline workshops, information and advice
  • To provide opportunities to complete a full end-of-life plan, comprising all legal documentation, last days wishes and advance directives, funeral organisation, digital legacy, household organisation and living legacy (how a person wants to be remembered).
  • To provide end-of-life information, courses and training to corporate business as part of the employee benefits package
  • To provide the End-of-Life Academy where professionals can train in the Before I Go method and be supported to provide workshops in their locality or online; to provide continuing professional development for these trainers, and training/support re marketing their businesses
  • To provide funding for carers and the cared for to access end of life plan workshops