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We help disabled people and people with long-term health conditions find, build and maintain great jobs.

  • We promote dignity, respect, social inclusion, and equality for everyone at Into Work;
  • We promote and contribute towards continuous improvement in health, emotional wellbeing, self-care, and independence;
  • We educate, inform, and train individuals to increase their activity levels, reduce isolation and become job ready;
  • We provide interventions and solutions to reduce barriers and challenges that are unique to each Service User, enabling them to gain suitable paid employment;
  • We provide a flexible 1:1 person-centred service;
  • We ensure jobs are specific to individual needs and interests;
  • We offer straightforward pathways into sustainable and fair work;
  • We provide a service that is aligned with local services including health;
  • We provide a service that is underpinned by evidence, including data from and the lived experience of Service Users;
  • We encourage progress by providing ongoing support after gaining employment;
  • We provide employers with Disability Awareness Training and other guidance;
  • We help to close the Disability Employment Gap.
  • We offer Welfare Rights advice and support

We offer Wellbeing support to our clients through a 1:1 person centred service and group based interventions.