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The Destiny Project is a Third Sector children's mental health project.

The Destiny Project is a Third Sector children’s mental health project. It provides support and advocacy for children and young people. It collaborates with other agencies large and small, the aim is to provide as wide a range of services as possible, particularly for the most vulnerable, recognising ‘one size don’t fit all’. The only constraint is our imagination, the creativity we can unleash and our ability to reach and maintain high standards.
The Intent is to promote the health and well being of children and young people from all backgrounds, to promote and build skills that will create a positive impact on their lives. We build personal skills such as confidence and self-esteem, vocational skills to assist in competing in a changing and demanding job market and life skills to help people live life in a positive and independent manner. All our services are delivered using peer education and community-centred approach.

The Services that the Destiny Project delivers are targeted mainly but not exclusively, for people with additional needs. The core is support, advice and counselling for children and young people. We use different therapy’s, for example, sand therapy, dance, arts, outdoor activities. A key aspect is one to one support from our volunteer staff. The Destiny project will always put the health and well being of every child and young person that enters the agency first.

We have activities that include dance, a boys group and a community outreach service. These build the confidence and skills of our service users. We are developing additional services based on training and development providing employability and vocational skills through work practice.
Plans include training opportunities through a community garden, community shop and in the long term, create internships for young people. This provides the opportunity for services users to gain experience with local businesses and retail outlets. In the longer term we aim to become an SQA accredited provider, giving our volunteers and participants, qualifications and accreditation for the training they complete.

We recognise the important role that volunteers play in our communities and we actively encourage and support our volunteers. As we grow we will continue to train and support our volunteers who wish to give some of their time. We aim to create opportunities for our volunteers to contribute to the development of our services and to the organisation and management of the Project.