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War on Epilepsy

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Their core mission is to empower whole health communities starting with epilepsy and neuroscience through the use of technology

With our Health Tech, we are developing to create and help many regain a little independence, whilst being able for the care team having a truly always on combined Health solution that provides a lifeline for many, with functionality such as the ability to communicate and speak for a patient when they are unable to speak for themselves through to providing real-time remote monitoring and digital health integration and data aggregation for the care and support team as well as to those who need it emergency situations like first responders.
Alongside the core business, we are also beginning to work on and develop what will be our charity and community engagement arm which provides the tools, infrastructure and support systems to enable charities to collaborate more unite research, data and insight to form critical evidence bases with the goal as part of the charity hosting a global research institute and coalition bringing together healthcare, third and private sectors including pharmaceutical companies and beyond.