Irene Oldfather

Director of Strategy and Engagement

Irene works with external partners to promote and enhance the ALLIANCE’s collaborative opportunities.

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Laura McCulloch

Administrative Officer

Laura is responsible for providing administrative support to Carer Voices, coroprate services and managing the central admin team.

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Raveena Sajjan

Policy and Development Officer

Raveena has joined the ALLIANCE as Policy and Membership Development Officer with the Carer Voices team.

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Tommy Whitelaw

Carer Voices Project Lead and ALLIANCE Membership Adviser

Tommy works to raise awareness of issues facing people and their carers. He does this by giving seminars and talks.

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Xuechang Leng

Carers Voices Artist-in-Residence

Xuechang Leng is the Carer Voices Artist-in-Residence in partnership with the Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities (SGSAH)

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