Photo of Cath Cooney

Job title: Director of Development and Improvement

Department: Health and Social Care Integration

Telephone: 0141 404 0231


Twitter: @cathcooney

Cath Cooney is the Director of Development and Improvement.

Cath focusses on developing partnerships to support person centred change and leadership in health and social care systems, and to strengthen the role of the third sector and the voice of lived experience.

As Director of Development and Improvement, with a lead role to engage with strategic and local partners in the development of Self Management and Co-production approaches and Scotland’s House of Care Programme, Cath brings extensive experience, and deep commitment, to supporting transformative innovation in health and social care in Scotland and beyond.

Cath is working with international partners to share knowledge and practice of models of transformational change that enhance the availability and quality of relationship-based systems and support better health and wellness outcomes across communities.

Special interests:

  • Person centred outcomes
  • Research and evaluation of models of health and social care
  • Compassionate leadership and transformative innovation
  • Humanising approaches to digital innovation
  • ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) informed practice
  • Learning to be fluent in the Swedish language.