Photo of Gerry Power

Job title: Director of Integration

Department: Policy into Practice, Self Management and Co-Production Hub

Telephone: 0141 404 0231


Twitter: @gerryporto11

Gerry is Director of Integration helping Third Sector, citizens and integrated partnerships work together for improved health and wellbeing.

As an integral part of the Self Management and Co-production Hub the Integration Support Team aims are to:

  • Increase the Third Sector’s capacity to engage in and contribute to health and social care integration generally, and its strategic decision making processes specifically; and
  • Increase Health and Social Care Partnerships’ capacity to work effectively with the Third sector and to plan and implement solutions that enable this.

The work of the team is underpinned by the principles of co-production which recognises the economic and personal benefits that accrue through the greater use of community and individual citizen participation at all stages in the design and delivery of services. Gerry and his team work to build the capacity of citizens who receive services, together with those in the Third, Independent and Statutory sectors who provide care, to recognise, develop and use all of our individual and organisational potential in improving health and wellbeing.

Special Interests

  • Exploring transformational change
  • Citizenship – rights and responsibilities
  • Learning from others lived and learnt experience
  • Writing about co-production in modern society


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