The Links Worker Programme values and supports shared learning and welcomes any opportunities to collaborate.

The ALLIANCE Community Links Worker Programme (LWP) over years has worked with students from various disciplines from numerous Universities and Colleges, educating students around subjects such as Health Inequalities/Inverse Care Law, Community Support and Development, the Community Links Worker (CLW) role and the innovative measures taken by CLWs within Primary Care and the Communities in which they serve.

We input on the University of Glasgow’s medical degree, delivering Lectures to 2nd year Medical students, organising and providing shadowing opportunities with CLWs in practice. CLWs working in training practices introduce the service to ST1s and ST3 GP registrars and we have lectured at the University of the West of Scotland as well as at student transition events in the University of Strathclyde.

4-week placements are held within the LWP with Social Work students; CLWs have delivered a series of 8 online learning sessions to 3rd and 4thyear Pharmacy students from Robert Gordon University and the University of Strathclyde, supporting an increase in experiential learning as they head out to primary care settings. The LWP values and supports shared learning and welcomes any opportunities around this – please contact if you would like to enquiry about partnership shared learning.

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