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A TSI perspective of the ALLIANCE Annual Conference 2018

Written by: Matt Carle, Partnership Development Officer, ACVO TSI
and Kaja Czuchnicka, Partnership and Enterprise Officer, ACVO TSI
and Jane Russell, Partnership Manager, ACVO TSI

Published: 21/06/2018

Briefing on The ALLIANCE Annual Conference Action: the 2nd Health and Social Care Integration event by staff at ACVO.

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Views from local government on integration

Written by: Councillor Peter Johnston, Health and Social Care Spokesperson, COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities)

Published: 17/06/2018

Integration can lead the way in demonstrating how cross-agency, locally planned and delivered services can serve our communities best.

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Integration from a general practice perspective

Written by: Dr Graham Kramer, Executive Officer, Royal College of General Practitioners Scotland, Patient Partnership in Practice

Published: 17/06/2018

The concept of integration and its ethos has been broadly welcomed by GPs.  However, there are numerous challenges to overcome.

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