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Collected Stories: Being Cared for at Home

Written by: Dr Julie Green RN, Interim Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Keele University
and Paula Wood, Professional Lead for Adult Nursing, Nursing Directorate, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Published: 28/11/2018

Julie and Paula discuss their new book which raises the profile of community nursing, featuring a chapter from our UK Lead Tommy Whitelaw.

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Why is Coming Out Not Coming Up?

Written by: Megan Johnson, Project Co-ordinator (LGBT and Dementia Project), LGBT Health and Wellbeing

Published: 27/11/2018

Megan reflects on her own personal experiences and the difficulties that LGBTQ people with dementia face.

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What about us?

Written by: Jessica Lerner, Eurocarers Young Carer Working Group

Published: 26/11/2018

Ahead of Young Carers Awareness Day, we share Jessica's story of supporting her brother.

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Co-production – Friend or Foe?

Written by: Viv Grafton, Strategic Planning Commissioning Manager, Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership

Published: 23/11/2018

Viv Grafton describes her experience of the Co-Production Star Training Programme facilitated by the ALLIANCE and Governance International.

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