29 posts from July 2017

Evaluation of Glasgow Deep End Links Worker Programme Published

Published: 19/07/2017

A milestone in the development of the Links Worker Programme has been reached with the publication of an evaluation study that makes a major contribution to one of the programme's core aims of helping build the evidence base around this way of working. The report, published by NHS Health Scotland, represents the result of several years of endeavour by various actors working in challenging environments and includes interesting findings across several aspects of the programme, together with rich learning of use to development of future research in this area.

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Putting Mental Health Centre Stage in Public Life

Published: 18/07/2017

At a time when politics is in everyone’s mind and given that mental health is a policy priority for all the major political parties, it is worth asking how well people with mental health problems are represented in public life – and what is stopping people in these circumstances seeking election or appointment to public bodies such as school boards, tenants associations, local councils and national parliaments.

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