We work in partnership with a wide range of organisations and communities across Scotland.

ALISS, a local information system for Scotland, helps people find and share information about groups, services, activities and other resources that can support health and wellbeing.  

This includes people who want to use ALISS as a tool to find information, either for themselves, or for signposting and social prescribing purposes. It also includes people who want to share information such as groups and organisations that wish to promote their own services and activities, or groups and individuals who are gathering information through community mapping activities.  

ALISS brings this crowdsourced information together in one place within the ALISS database and in turn makes it available through the ALISS website. The ALISS database can be used to power other digital platforms as well and we also work in partnership with organisations providing their own directories, websites, apps and other systems to help them make use of the ALISS data. 

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