The Digital Health and Social Care Programme supports transformational change in health and social care by exploring digital and innovative

Find out more about the areas of work within the Digital Health and Social Care programme:

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Supporting transformational change in health and social care by exploring digital and innovative technologies and ways of working.

‘Digital health and social care’ is a board term. It can mean using technology, applications, websites or online services to help us manage our health and wellbeing. It can even help keep us, or those we care for, safe and independent at home. The term also covers technology that is used by health and social care professionals to carry out their roles.

Some examples of digital health and social care:

  • Step counters
  • Alarm systems that monitor older or disabled people,
  • Booking GP appointments or ordering prescriptions online,
  • a video appointment with your healthcare professional (e.g. NHS Near Me), o monitoring your blood pressure from home (e.g. NHS Connect Me)
  • mobile applications that help you to manage a long term condition, o NHS websites with healthcare information (e.g. NHS Inform), and even
  • Robots used in surgery

Interested? Why not read our Discover Digital Guide to learn more about digital health and social care. You can also explore the rest of our page to find out about our work in this area.

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The team participates in a range of partnership programmes and collaborative pieces of work which produce great learning.

The Digital Health and Social Care Programme has a range of workstreams, which are often part of larger pieces of collaborative working, this can be ongoing pieces of work or partnership programme activity.

We would like to ensure people have access to such research, learning and knowledge, inspiring the continuation of service improvement:

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The ALLIANCE, Scottish Care and VOX are supporting five principles for a human rights based approach to digital health and social care.

The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE), Scottish Care and VOX (Voices Of eXperience) are working together to support the development of rights based digital health and social care policy and practice across Scotland. We are exploring a set of principles for a human rights based approach to digital health and social care.


Between June-August 2021, we ran three online workshops to seek a wide variety of views on our draft Principles and how useful they might be. We talked to people who used digital services, those who provided services and support workers who engaged with digitally excluded groups. We also ran an online survey and produced an information pack to support organisations host separate conversations on this topic and submit their views.

Next steps

We have worked to refine the Principles based on what people told us. These ‘new’ Principles still follow the same themes, but are more concise and practical in nature. We will use these Principles to campaign for the better implementation of human rights principles in digital health and social care. We have also worked to identify practice-based examples of how they can be applied in real life scenarios.

Would you like to learn more?

If you work in social care, you can be rewarded for learning more about the Principles in the form of an SSSC Open Badge.

You can also check out an e-learning stack on the Principles here (this link will take you away from our website) and our educational poster here.

About the partners

Use the following links to find out more about the organisations involved in this work:

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Ensuring that the seldom heard voices of lived experience are utilised to shape and inform the development and delivery of Digital Health.

The Digital Citizen Panel has been created in partnership with the Scottish Government, to support the work of the Digital Citizen Delivery Board with its aim of empowering citizens to better manage their health and wellbeing, support independent living and gain access to services through digital means, thus shifting the power dynamic between government and Scottish citizens.

The Digital Citizen Panel aims to hear the voices of people and organisations across Scotland on their needs, rights and preferences on using digital to better manage their housing, health and care needs.  To design and deliver, an inclusive and diverse programme of engagement to ensure people feel supported to participate.  To capture insights and support the Boards aim of empowering citizens.

The ALLIANCE Digital Citizen Panel plans to:

• Hear the voices of people and organisations across Scotland on their needs, rights and preferences on using digital means to better manage their housing, health and social care needs

• Design and deliver an inclusive and diverse programme of engagement and communication activity which ensures people are supported to participate and their voices are heard

• Capture the insight, learning and feedback on current experiences from people, organisations and stakeholders, contributing support to the Board’s aim of ‘empowering citizens’.

The Digital Citizen Panel is committed to ensuring that the voices, expertise, and rights of people with lived experience drive policy and practice, and sit at the heart of design, delivery and improvement of support and services- shifting the power dynamic between government and Scottish citizens.

We are keen to explore partnership working and to discuss ideas and suggestions relating to the Digital Citizen Panel.  If you have questions or want to get involved with the Panel, please contact or call 07485 377 769.

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Working together to help people understand and navigate digital health, care and wellbeing tools and services.

Discover Digital is a project to raise awareness of digital tools which promote health and wellbeing. There are many tools available nowadays. Some can help us look after ourselves better, look after someone else or access the NHS more easily.

Discover Digital Roadshows and Workshops

In February 2023 we launched the Discover Digital Roadshows and Workshops. Which we are offering to communities and organisations free of charge.

The Roadshows bring free and simple digital tools and resources to community events. For example, self management apps and simple guides on digital health and wellbeing.

The Workshops are tailored training sessions on digital health and social care for community and third sector organisations. This is a great way for organisations to build skills and confidence in digital health.

Interested in booking the Roadshows or Workshops? Email us at or call on 0141 404 0231.

Discover Digital Roadshow. Two mobile phones and a tablet.

Grant Schemes

In 2022 we launched the Discover Digital Participation and Inclusion Grants. These Grants aim to continue engagement work carried out in 2021 and to support organisations to tackle access barriers to digital health and social care. We funded nine organisations, six for the Discovery Grants and three for the Enabler Grants.

The reports for the Discover Grant organisations can be found here.

Inclusion and Participation Grants. Small map of Scotland.

In 2021 we funded seven organisations to engage with seldom heard communities. We wanted to understand people’s needs with regards to digital health and care skills and hear what improvements could be made.

You can read the insights from the 2021 grants here.

The Discover Digital Guide

The Discover Digital Guide is an online resource and introduction to digital health. It covers digital self management, technology enabled care and digital services in the NHS. It also includes resources where you can get recommendations for tools and services.

Screenshot of Section of the Discover Digital Guide. Shows Discover Digital Logo, then ' a Guide to digital health, care and wellbeing, Section 1 out of 7: About / How to use this guide'. Then below is a graphic of smartphone and cogs, hearts and speech bubbles coming out of it.

Interested in further learning?

We have a SSSC Open Badge where those working in social care can receive recognition for reading the Guide.

We have also published an Open Learn Create Course based on the Guide.

Try A Tool Tuesday

#TryAToolTuesday is a social media initiative that we launched in September 2023, info here. The aim is to raise awareness of free and trusted apps and resources to help people improve and manage their health and wellbeing.

#TryAToolTuesday. What? Each Tuesday we share a free and trusted app or resource that supports health and wellbeing across ALLIANCE social media. Search #TryAToolTuesday on X or follow us on @DHCScot.

Each Tuesday a new tool is shared across ALLIANCE X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn and Facebook. You can follow along on X (formerly Twitter) by searching #TryAToolTuesday.

Also look out for #TryAToolTuesday monthly roundups on our website and the ALLIANCE weekly bulletin.

Past events

You can read more about our past events, delivered as part of the Digital Health and Care Fest, by reading our reports:

Please email to subscribe to our newsletter or follow #DiscoverDigitalScot on Twitter.

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We would love to hear from you. These are some of the ways you can get involved in our current projects and opportunities.

  • Digital Citizen Panel – join us and you can get involved in Scottish Government consultations around digital health, care and housing, co-plan community events and, take part in the monthly online Conversation Cafes to meet diverse people, interested in digital health and care, from across Scotland.
  • Discover Digital project – get involved in this project by having one of our Discover Digital Roadshows visit your community event or we can deliver a Discover Digital Workshop to your staff and volunteers. You can also read, and feedback on, our Discover Digital Guide or take part in our online learning.
  • Human Rights Principles in Digital Health and Social Care – get involved in this important project by showcasing how your organisation is championing our Human Rights Principles in the delivery of its digital service. We would love to highlight its good practice.

Does this sound interesting? Check out each project page for more information or email us at

We run a quarterly newsletter which includes news and opportunities, subscribe by emailing You can also follow us on X (formerly Twitter) at @DHCScot for more opportunities.

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