Section: Digital

Here you will find a brief overview of professional bodies or organisations working on issues related to digital health and care.

Scottish Government eHealth Division

eHealth Division is part of the Scottish Government’s Health & Social Care Directorate-General, and answers to the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing & Sport.

Their activities focus on three key areas:

  • eHealth policy and strategy
  • eHealth technical strategy and governance
  • Information assurance and governance

The scope of eHealth Division’s work includes all national-level aspects of IT systems, digital tools and platforms, information and records management, process change and skills development required for healthcare delivery, including primary, secondary and community care, health and social care integration, and self-care and telehealth.

They also have a list of relevant eHealth Governance Groups on their website: (This link will take you away from our website).

Their activities are guided by the eHealth Strategy for Scotland to 2017.  At the moment, they are currently developing a new, integrated, Digital Health and Social Care Strategy (this link will take you away from our website).

The Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare (SCTT)

The SCTT supports Scotland’s aim to progress technology enabled care, performing key functions on behalf of Scotland and NHS 24.

They can help you by:

  • leading the design and development of new services;
  • providing consultancy and facilitation services;
  • supporting knowledge transfer and shared learning;
  • engaging internationally to secure additional funding and build expertise for the benefit of Scotland.

Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI)

The DHI helps address modern health and care challenges through the development of new ideas for digital health technology and information services.

DHI partners and members have created a community of like-minded people, who contribute insight, know-how, funding and research to help turn the spark of an idea into something that can make a real impact in how health and social care is delivered. Crucially, DHI’s ideas must lead to viable and affordable products and services that can be brought to market in Scotland and beyond, establishing Scotland as an exporter of digital health and care technologies.

They can help you by:

  • connecting you to the right people
  • providing you with the means to identify, design, evaluate and invest in new solutions

British Computer Society (BCS) Health Scotland

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, promotes wider social and economic progress through the advancement of information technology science and practice.

British Computer Society Health Scotland is a multi-professional group that aims to promote the development and use of Health Informatics in Scotland to support effective, evidence-based health and social care in areas of research, education, practice, and management decision making. This is intended to benefit both the general public and professionals.

They can help you by:

  • Acting as a consultation mechanism for relevant national and international projects and standards on health informatics.
  • Establishing links with research, academic, educational, government, industry, charities, patient and community groups.
  • Initiating health informatics projects.

University of Strathclyde Digital Health and Wellness group

The research interests of the University of Strathclyde Digital Health and Wellness group are work person-centered digital health & wellness services and products. They are working on several projects with charities, NHS, industry and public sector bodies to develop usable and effective digital health & wellness products and services to reduce inequalities, improve people’s lives and transform the way health and care is delivered and accessed globally.

Scottish Lifesciences Association Digital Health special interest group

This group enables collaboration between member companies, covering personal health software development, telehealthcare systems implementation, health data mining, and life sciences risk analysis systems.

Farr Institute

The Farr Institute supports health informatics research across the UK. They work to improve and create dialogue between researchers and the general public, as well as working with partners across a multitude of sectors.

They can help you by:

  • offering expertise in health data research and related fields


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