Through Our GP, we have explored how digital could help transform and enable better care, resulting in three ideas for new GP services.

‘Our GP’ aimed to design future GP digital services with people as partners, based on their needs. Together, we have explored how digital technology could help transform and enable better care. Those who took part in our events have had the opportunity to discuss how their experience with a GP practice could be improved. In this way, they contributed their ideas for how digital technology could support this.

Several ideas for digital services were outlined. The three most feasible and innovative ideas were then presented online during an Online Co-design phase. The three ideas were described in a brief explainer video. Following this, we invited members of the public and healthcare professionals to get involved online. The feedback we gathered helped us identify the most valued ideas and redesign these innovative digital tools.

Read the latest update on this project: People-powered GP digital solutions move forward.

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