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Below are some frequently asked questions related to the Our GP project.

Our GP: background information

  • What is ‘Our GP’?

‘Our GP’ was an opportunity for the public to help design new digital GP services, which might help improve or transform care.

Digital means ‘online’ or computer technology that (usually) uses the internet. Learn more on our ‘What is digital health?’ page.

  • Is this about online appointment booking and repeat prescriptions orders?

Some GP practices already offer these services. This project has been looking at other digital services that a GP practice could offer you.

  • Who can get involved in ‘Our GP’?

Anyone who visits or works in a GP practice in Scotland can get involved.

  • Who created these three ideas?

People created these ideas at ‘Our GP’ workshops and felt they might improve their experience with GP practices. We think the ideas are innovative and they got a positive response when presented at public roadshows we held across Scotland and online.

  • Who is managing this project?

The Health and Social Care ALLIANCE (Scotland) are managing this project, working with the Scottish Government. We worked with a ‘co-design’ NHS team called mHabitat during the first phase of the project.

Providing feedback on the three ideas

  • Can I still provide feedback?

Yes, we welcome all thoughts and further feedback. You can get in touch with us by emailing, finding us on Twitter or calling the office on 0141 404 0231 and asking to speak to the Digital Health and Care team.

Next steps and possible implementation

  • How did you use my feedback?

Your feedback helped us understand which ideas people and professionals most value.  We used your comments to redesign the prototypes.  We are now aiming to build and test out these ideas in GP practices in Scotland. See our latest update on this project to see how the ideas will be taken forward: People-powered GP digital solutions move forward.

  • How would you ensure these services were secure if they were implemented?

There would be a log-on for these services i.e. a username and password.

  • Why are the ideas presented as ‘apps’?

The demo-apps are just being used to present the ideas so we could find out whether you liked its features and might use it.  If these services were implemented, we would examine how they might be made available on a website, so they were accessible across all consumer devices (PCs as well as tablets and smartphones).

  • Will you eventually join up these prototypes – just have one new service?

Yes, that’s possible depending on public feedback. You can contact us to suggest if and how the ideas could be combined.

  • Will these solutions be linked to other GP systems and online services?

If these solutions were implemented, we would expect them to seamlessly link up with relevant GP systems.  For example, if you created a Personal Profile to share with your GP, we would expect your GP would be able to view that alongside your existing medical record.

Personal Profile – ‘me&myGP’

  • What difference is there between the information already held in my GP medical record and the Personal Profile idea?

Your medical record has notes about the conditions you discuss with your GP, as well as medical information e.g. about your vaccinations.  The Personal Profile is about the non-medical information that matters to you which you might want to share with your GP e.g. about your life situation, goals and perhaps any accessibility requirements.

  • How often would I need to update my Personal Profile?

That is up to the individual.  We would envisage that people might want to do this when there was a change in their circumstances which they wanted to share with their GP staff.

Digital Photo triage – ‘PhotoGP’

  • In which situations are you suggesting this solution should be used?

We think it might be useful for getting initial GP feedback for non-urgent, minor skin conditions (and minor injuries).  You can contact us to tell us whether it could be applied to other situations.



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