The Digital Links Project in Glasgow aims to improve individuals’ mental health and well-being.

The Digital Links Project works with and supports individuals in Glasgow who have poor mental health or well-being and who are experiencing digital exclusion to become more skilled and confident in accessing digital health and social care support.

The support provided by the project is person centred but could include all or some of the following:

  • Provide an individual with a device or/and data
  • Provide an individual with one-to-one support to set up a device, and essentials to access support e.g. email address.
  • Allocate them appropriate confidence and skills training via the Discover Digital Programme
  • Work collaboratively with the individual to achieve their digital inclusion personal goals/ outcomes throughout the project duration.

As well as working with individuals the Digital Links Worker will be building capacity and legacy digital support by:

  • Scoping local digital and mental health support and ensuring they are added to ALISS to ensure they are readily and easily found in the future.
  • Collaborating with frontline staff from local organisations, linking them with Discover Digital and creating a collaborative ‘Peer Network’ of digital support, who will continue to be trained, supported, and linked with the Digital Health and Social Care Team post project.
  • Offering the participating GP surgeries free support in their goals to introduce digital services such as online booking and Near Me digital consultations with Discover Digital offering training sessions to their patients, offering individual and small group training on using the digital services on offer.

Referrals will be through the Community Link Worker Programme.