A series of short films that showcase the benefits of digital technology in health and care through real stories, as told by real people.

  • video consultations: Dr Drummond Begg talks about using Attend Anywhere, a video conferencing tool, for follow up consultations with his patients as part of a study.
  • self management: David Garrell talks about My Diabetes My Way, an interactive diabetes website to help support people who have diabetes and their family and friends by providing them with accurate information and access to their diabetes data.
  • remote monitoring and diagnosis: Robert Blackmore talks about using Flo, a text message based tool, to monitor his hypertension and help his GP practice prescribe him the right medication.
  • recovery after intensive care: George Guy talks about CriticalCareRecovery.com, a website co-created with people who have experienced intensive care to help other doing so by offering them reliable, clinically assured information, as well as personal stories.
  • improved communication: James and Maureen McKillop talk about the Digital Talking Mats, a digital tool designed to help people with communication difficulties to communicate effectively about things that matter to them.
  • holistic presentation: Jenny Whinnett talks about the Digital Passport, a flick-through e-book that can help those involved in the care of a non-verbal individual understand the individual’s history, personality, likes, dislikes and needs at a glance.
  • care management: Maria Dailly talks about ClickGo, a digital tool designed to promote self directed support, and the difference this has made to her life.