Supporting transformational change in health and social care by exploring digital and innovative technologies and ways of working.

‘Digital health and social care’ is a board term. It can mean using technology, applications, websites or online services to help us manage our health and wellbeing. It can even help keep us, or those we care for, safe and independent at home. The term also covers technology that is used by health and social care professionals to carry out their roles.

Some examples of digital health and social care:

  • Step counters
  • Alarm systems that monitor older or disabled people,
  • Booking GP appointments or ordering prescriptions online,
  • a video appointment with your healthcare professional (e.g. NHS Near Me), o monitoring your blood pressure from home (e.g. NHS Connect Me)
  • mobile applications that help you to manage a long term condition, o NHS websites with healthcare information (e.g. NHS Inform), and even
  • Robots used in surgery

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