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Image of Glagow Science Centre with large screen filled with logos of organisations involved in Discover Digital. Blue sky and green grass fame the picture.

The 2019 edition of 'Discover Digital' explored ways in which digital tools can help us self manage better.


How can we harness the power of digital to look after our health and wellbeing on our own terms? Can we live independently for longer with the use of smart gadgets? Can fitness trackers help keep our family and healthcare professionals informed about our health?

These are some of the questions we have explored at our Discover Digital events.

Our events were aimed at people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.  We hosted a selection of stalls, talks, activities, led by local and national experts. These helped shed a light on some of the digital self management options currently available.

About us

Discover Digital started in 2018. It was Scotland’s first initiative to deliver immersive events for people to experience digital health and care.

The 2019 edition was supported by: the Scottish Government (Technology Enabled Care division and Digital Health and Care division), Nesta, NHS 24, DHI and BCS Health and Care Scotland. Various other collaborators helped bring this to life.

Download the report from the first edition of Discover Digital below. The 2019 report will follow shortly.

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