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The 2019 edition of 'Discover Digital' will explore ways in which digital tools can help us self manage better.


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How can we harness the power of digital to look after our health and wellbeing, but on our own terms? Will smart gadgets help us live independently for longer in the future? Can fitness trackers help us take charge of our wellbeing, whilst also keeping our family and health professionals informed?

These are some of the question we will explore together at our Discover Digital events.

Our programme of exploratory events is suitable for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.  We will have a selection of stalls, talks, activities at each of our four showcase events. These will be led by experts from local and national organisations and vary in each location. We will also want to hear your thoughts on the direction Scotland should take with regards to digital health more generally.


To register to attend our final showcase event or to find our more information, please use the Eventbrite links:

There is also a webinar which you can sign up for:

Stand-up comedy show

This satellite event, organised by the DataLab and Bright Club, will discuss all things data and officially close the 2019 Discover Digital series of events. Find out more.

About us

Discover Digital is Scotland’s first initiative focused on delivering immersive, multi-media events for people to experience digital health tech. The project is brought to you through an extensive partnership and the support of the Scottish Government (Technology Enabled Care division and Digital Health and Care division), Nesta and BCS Health and Care Scotland, as well as various collaborators.

Download the report from the first edition of Discover Digital below.

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