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Image of partners standing in front of Science Centre sccreen with discover Digital branding

The 2019 edition of 'Discover Digital' will explore ways in which digital tools can help us self manage better.

Imagine if…

  • smart gadgets could help you live independently for longer?
  • you used virtual reality to alleviate pain or other symptoms of medical conditions?
  • fitness trackers could help you take charge of your wellbeing, whilst also keeping your family and health professionals informed?

From everyday apps to specialist tech, we want to help you discover some digital tools that might help you self manage better. We also want to hear your thoughts on the direction Scotland should take with regards to digital health more generally.

This is Scotland’s first initiative focused on delivering immersive, multi-media events for people of all backgrounds and ages to experience digital health tech. The report from the first edition of Discover Digital is now available on this page under ‘Resources‘.

The programme of events for the 2019 edition of Discover Digital will be launched in September. If you would like to be part of this initiative, please fill in this form: (this link will take you away from our website).

Alternatively, email if you would like to be kept updated.



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