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Between 21-26 October 2018, we asked the public to imagine how they might live better and healthier with the help of technology.

Imagine if…

  • smart gadgets could help you live independently for longer?
  • we used virtual reality to inspire the next generation of doctors?
  • you could update your medical records with fitness data directly from your app?

From everyday tools to apps and specialist tech, our events aimed to help people discover how Scotland’s healthcare is going digital.

Discover Digital: for your health and wellbeing was Scotland’s first week of hands on, immersive, multi-media experiences where people of all backgrounds and ages could experience how digital technologies could improve their everyday wellbeing. The week’s report is now available on this page under ‘Resources‘.

The week launched in Dundee on the 21st October, as part of the Dundee Science Festival and then continued in Glasgow with four further events.

  • Mon, 22 Oct – Your health stories and how tech might change them. A workshop ran by Product Forge to map health stories fur their upcoming Digital Health Product Forge (this link will take you away from our website).
  • Wed, 24 Oct – Discover Digital: The Glasgow Showcase. A pop-up exhibition that showcased a range of hands-on innovations for health and wellbeing.
  • Thu, 25 Oct – Healthcare and wellbeing data: the art of the possible. A demonstration from the Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI) that explored how data could look over the next 2-3 years and what this might mean to us as citizens.
  • Fri, 26 Oct – Does digital work for everyone? An event led by NHS 24 invited speakers from Age Scotland, Deaf Scotland, SCVO and Scottish Government to discuss the challenges people living in our communities may have with ‘digital’ services.

The ALLIANCE has developed Discover Digital: for your health and wellbeing in partnership with the Scottish Government, NHS 24, NHS NSS and BCS Health & Care Scotland. See our partners page for the full list of collaborators.

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