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Working together to help people understand and navigate digital health, care and wellbeing tools and services.

‘Discover Digital’ is a project to raise awareness of digital tools which promote health and wellbeing. There are many such tools available nowadays. Some can help us look after ourselves better, look after someone else or access the NHS more easily.

2020 has thrown into the limelight the importance of digital tools for health and wellbeing as well as the need for a different approach to raising awareness of these. As a result, we set to explore the creation of a permanent Discover Digital source of information.

We drafted a document to cover the topics of digital self management, technology enabled care and digital tools for interacting with the NHS and social care, as well as signposting where people might be able to get recommendations for services relevant to them.

You can find out more about this resource by watching our webinar on the subject, recorded during the Digital Health, Housing and Care Network Virtual Event (28 May 2021). Watch the 30-minute webinar on Vimeo (this link will take you away from our website).

Over 2021, we will work with a range of organisations and stakeholders to further develop this content. We want to understand people’s needs with regards to digital health and care skills, review whether the existing content meets these needs and hear what improvements could be made.

Why digital?

We believe digital technology can enable people to live better. Digital tools, like any other tools, are aids to help us reach our bigger goals. With them, we can be more connected, more informed and more empowered.

So we think everyone should be able to access and use digital health and care tools. You should be able to use technology in a way that works for you, whether it is to achieve your own health and wellbeing goals or to be able to look after someone you care for better.


‘Discover Digital’ is part of Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Fest. The Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care and Digital Health and Care divisions are key supporters of the project.

Various other collaborators and supporters helped bring the project to life in its various editions, as we held events across Scotland to exhibit a variety of digital health, care and wellbeing tools. You can read more about our past events by reading our reports:

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