Section: Digital
Digital Citizen Panel

Shape and inform the creation and delivery of digital programmes across health and social care.

The ALLIANCE Digital Health and Care team is looking to lead on engagement activity that will shape and inform the delivery of digital programmes and approaches across health, care and housing across Scotland

We are doing this by creating a Digital Citizen Panel, which will support the work of the Digital Citizen Delivery Board with its aim of empowering citizens to better manage their health and wellbeing, support independent living and gain access to services through digital means.


The ALLIANCE Digital Citizen Panel plans to:

• Hear the voices of people and organisations across Scotland on their needs, rights and preferences on using digital means to better manage their housing, health and social care needs

• Design and deliver an inclusive and diverse programme of engagement and communication activity which ensures people are supported to participate and their voices are heard

• Capture the insight, learning and feedback on current experiences from people, organisations and stakeholders, contributing support to the Board’s aim of ‘empowering citizens’.

The Digital Citizen Panel is committed to ensuring that the voices, expertise, and rights of people with lived experience drive policy and practice, and sit at the heart of design, delivery and improvement of support and services- shifting the power dynamic between government and Scottish citizens.

If you would like to know more about the Digital Citizens Panel, please get in touch and contact Janine Aitken: or call us on 0141 404 0231.



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