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Project Liberty is a digital telecare solution from Communicare247 that empowers individuals with complex care needs to live independently.

About the project

Project Liberty is a pioneering digital telecare system. It incorporates consumer devices such as voice-activated speakers, smart phones and other smart wearables, sensors and location technologies. Furthermore, it collects data through a novel monitoring system that can integrate with existing telecare home care alarms.

In 2018, we spoke to various individuals to understand how Project Liberty could be improved. As a result, Communicare247 have since then taken steps to develop these user suggestions to enhance the service they provide.

Project Liberty is part of Glasgow City Council’s “Technology enabled Glasgow” challenge (this link will take you away from our website). It connects project leader Communicare247 with partners and stakeholders, including the Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership and the ALLIANCE. We will be working with participants who will test the Liberty System to gather their feedback.

For more information, please get in touch with Carmen Paputa-Dutu at

About Communicare247

Communicare247 is a health and social care service provider which delivers connected care solutions. They use secure digital technology and monitoring services, which enable citizens to stay safe and independent in their own homes for longer. Cloud services and effective technology provide valuable reassurance for individuals receiving care. Moreover, it permits sharing of information with families and care providers.

Learn more about Communicare247 by visiting their website: (this link will take you away from our website).



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