The work of the Health and Social Care Academy is underpinned by Five Ambitions for the Future of Health and Care.

Transformational change takes time, patience, and the courage to push beyond our current boundaries. These Five Ambitions identify the conditions required to help create a more equitable society which supports everyone to thrive, not just survive:

  • Be Human- We are all human and should be treated with dignity. Everyone can thrive if our rights are protected, defended, and promoted.
  • Lead Courageously- We can all be leaders in our own lives, communities and workplaces.
  • Share Power- We make changes in our own lives and communities when power is shared.
  • Reimagine Investment- We can transform society for everyone’s benefit with sustainable investment, patience, partnership and valuing one another.
  • Measure Outcomes- We should measure success in health and care with personal outcomes, not just short-term targets.

The Ambitions provide a starting point on our journey to achieving long term, meaningful and sustainable change in health and social care. They are intended to inspire, encourage action, and help identify the steps we need to take for a future where people and wellbeing are at the centre.

The reflective questions, included within the Ambitions, can be used individually and in groups to kick-start thinking and foster discussion about what’s needed so that everyone can thrive.

The case studies highlight how long term, sustainable and meaningful change is possible. They can help generate ideas and decision making about other ways to apply the Five Ambitions in practice.

The Five Ambitions can be seen in action on the Academy’s Our Work pages.

We’re keen to showcase and highlight examples of transformative practice, please get in touch if you would like to find out more, you can email us at

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