The Academy have been heavily involved in the discussion around basic income and the calls for it to be universally implemented in Scotland.

Basic income in this context refers to a restructuring of the current social security system, whereby bureaucratic assessments for payments would be scrapped and payments would be flat, tax free, and paid to every adult.

The Academy hosted a session on ‘Making Universal Basic Income transformational for everyone’ at the Basic Income Earth Network Congress in Glasgow, which saw speakers share their thoughts on what would be necessary for a basic income to be transformational for everyone. This included noting the difficulties faced by disabled people, people living with long term conditions, and carers under current social security measures.

In 2021 we published our refreshed basic income paper Emphasising Humanity Transforming Livelihoods: Basic Income. In the paper we consider some of the ways in which a Basic Income could be transformational, and how it could value people and work previously under-recognised.

Additionally, the Academy have produced three short videos examining more progressive styles of budgeting, in particular human rights budgeting, gender budgeting and participatory budgeting.

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