The programme aims to increase the third sector’s capacity to contribute to health and social care integration

The Integration Support team has been commissioned by the Scottish Government to increase the third sector’s capacity to contribute to health and social care integration, particularly within strategic decision making processes.

ALLIANCE Live will help drive the network as it will be an opportunity for members to get involved, gain learning and insight and participate in lively discussion in their own office or home. This will deliver a range of outputs including:

  • Webinars that present the innovative work within health and social care
  • Podcasts with panellists who have both professional and lived experience of integrated working
  • Video case studies, to bring the process to life and increase understanding and awareness to a wider audience

We want members to come away from ALLIANCE Live activity feeling inspired and educated, being able to apply lessons and examples from the stories they hear to their own work within health and social care.

Keep an eye on our regularly updated Integration Stories. This project aims to share examples of good practice in integration in health and social care across Scotland. The stories will come from the perspectives of those delivering integrated support and services, as well as from those accessing these services.

We also have several pages in the About Integration section dedicated to the development of Health and Social Care Integration – from the legislative background to current opportunities for engagement in partnership areas.

If you would like to read more about the work that we are doing have a look at our news section and Twitter (this link will take you away from our website).

If you have any questions about any of our work, you can get in touch with the Integration Support team at