The Integration Network is for people in Scotland who are interested in learning, sharing and developing Health and Social Care Integration.

The network is free to join and will be co-produced with stakeholders. The Integration Support Team are arranging focus groups, meetings and telephone calls to gather as much intelligence as possible to shape the network to create a positive impact in Health and Social Care throughout Scotland.

The Network will;

  • Create a platform to share best practice and learning
  • Allow members to keep up to date with emergent policy
  • Create an opportunity to shape local and national policy and practice
  • Provide networking and peer support opportunities
  • Build a strong community of interest

The network will include a varied range of activity such as networking opportunities, training, and events focused on a specific area of work or shared interest e.g. how integration is affecting children and young people.

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ALLIANCE Live will help drive the network as it will be an opportunity for members to get involved, gain learning and insight and participate in lively discussion in their own office or home. This will deliver a range of outputs including regular webinars that present the innovative work within health and social care, recording podcasts with panellists who have both professional and lived experience of integrated working. This allows the network to grow nationally and meet the needs of members further afield who cannot travel to central locations.

In addition to this, the Integration Support Team recognise the importance of partnering with key organisations throughout Scotland, for example the Third Sector Interfaces to provide local support towards health and social care integration.

Network members will receive a regular Integration Network Newsletter that will share learning, knowledge and good practice. The newsletter will be engaging and co-produced with the network to ensure it meets their needs. The newsletter will, also be used to advertise the many opportunities available for members to get involved and influence Integration.

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Inspiring and impactful work is taking place in communities across Scotland as part of health and social care integration. The Integration Support Team is capturing stories of this taking place, called Integration Stories. We are hoping to get as many people involved in this as possible to share all the fantastic work and learning. This will be closely linked to the Network as it provides a platform for people who have shared the story to get further involved by being part of the network, as well as, an opportunity for new members to share their story. Getting involved is simple.  A member of the Integration Support Team will be on hand to discuss and help to shape the Integration Story. It will be very similar to the successful Humans of Scotland campaign.

To help you contact the Integration Support Team, we have created a new generic email address

We look forward to you being in touch with us.