Information about the individual Integration Authorities

Please note: These remain a work in progress and we know that large Excel spreadsheets aren’t the most user friendly way to provide information, so please get in touch if you want a hand to navigate the information or are looking for information that is not included!

Below is information and links to the current information and a description of the planned content of the other spreadsheets we are currently developing – please let us know if you have any thought or comments.


1 – Information to help you connect in (Excel spreadsheet download)

The online footprint, social media presence and primary contact information for each Partnership and Third Sector Interface (TSI).

2 – HSCP delegated functions and links to useful documents (Excel spreadsheet download)

Links to core documents (such as the integration scheme & strategic plan), list of delegated functions (organised in thematic areas), links to other useful documents (including those that support strategic commissioning, performance reporting and some key overarching strategies).

3 – Strategic Planning Group Information (Excel spreadsheet download)

General information about how Strategic planning is organised, the membership of the Group, who the stakeholder reps are (where this can be sourced) and information how the third sector advocates role is coordinated.

4 – IJB / Joint Monitoring Committee Information (Excel spreadsheet download)

General information (including the dates of meetings, links to the most recent minutes and papers),  information about the third sector advocate, the membership of the Board, and information about any sub-committees.

5 – Information about localities – still in development

General information about how localities and locality planning is organised, a link to the minutes and papers (where these are publicly available), the membership of the Group(s), and how to make contact with the third sector advocates.