This page gives an overview of some of the key documents that explain the role, remit and purpose of the new Integration Authorities.

Key Documents

The information below gives you an overview of some of the key documents that explain the role, remit and purpose of the new Integration Authorities:

  • Integration Scheme
  • Strategic Plan
  • Locality Plan

Integration Scheme

The Integration Authority is responsible for the effective planning and delivery of the functions delegated to it. The operational arrangements that assure this are set out within the Integration Scheme (This link will take you away from our website).

Core information contained in Integration Schemes

  • Integration model being adopted
  • Vision for achieving the national outcomes for health and wellbeing
  • Functions being delegated
  • Who was consulted and how
  • Governance arrangements (for voting members)
  • Performance reporting arrangements (including timescale for agreeing targets, measures and reporting arrangements)
  • Financial arrangements: –
    • How budgets will be set (initially and in the future), and
    • The financial management and monitoring arrangements, including the arrangements for managing underspend or overspend; the content and frequency of IJB reports; and process for preparing the annual accounts and financial elements of the strategic plan.
  • Workforce & Organisational Development Strategies – how these will be developed, including the timescale
  • Participation and Engagement Strategy – how this will be developed, including the timescale
  • Complaints process
  • Information sharing agreement – how this will be developed and implemented, including the timescale
  • How the Integration Joint Board (IJB) will consider the potential impact of its Strategic Plan on the Strategic Plans of other integration authorities
  • Clinical and care governance arrangements
  • The responsibilities of and line management arrangements for the Chief Officer
  • Shared risk management strategy – how this will be developed and implemented, including the timescale
  • How disputes between the Health Board and Local Authority will be resolved

Strategic Plan

To be deemed competent to deliver their role all Integration Authorities need to have a Strategic Plan.

In December 2014 the Scottish Government produced guidance (PDF – This link will take you away from our website) to support Integration Authorities to develop their plans. The Team produced a summary of the Strategic Commisioning Plans Guidance (PDF Download) that you may find useful.

Key Information About Strategic Plans

  • The plan must cover ALL of the services that fall within the remit of the Integration Authority (this includes the services the Local Authority and Health Board have chosen to delegate as well as those prescribed in the legislation)
  • The plan MUST set out the arrangements for carrying out the integration functions in the Partnership area over the period of the plan.
  • The plan MUST set out how these arrangements are intended to achieve or contribute towards achieving the national health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • The plan MUST identify the localities and set out the arrangements for each locality separately.
  • The plan MUST take account of the integration delivery principles and national health and wellbeing outcomes.
  • When developing the plan, Integration Authorities MUST:-
    • Consider if, and how, their decisions may impact on other Integration Authorities and their plans.
    • Seek the views of the Strategic Planning Group as part of the development process and take account of their views in re-drafting the plan
    • Formally consult on the content of the plan
  • There is no defined format for plans and Integration Authorities can include any and all information they think is helpful
  • Integration Authorities are expected to develop an easy read, overarching summary of their plan, but this is not a requirement
  • Integration Authorities are required to publish their plan.
  • Plans MUST be reviewed no less frequently than every three years

Any consultation and engagement activity related to these documents are highlighted on the consultation and redesign activites in partnership area page on our website, and are reported in our Engage and Inspire bulletin.

The Strategic Plans set out the Integration Authority’s longer term vision for what services should look like, the challenges to achieving this vision; and provide some level of needs analysis.

This analysis is meant to focus on needs with respect to the national outcomes, but most still follow the traditional pattern of population modelling and draw on the same type of information that has historically guided strategic planning. Very few of the plans provide any level of detail about how the redesign / design activities will be progressed, the level of investment in these different processes and what they plan to stop doing at the end of the process to be able to sustain investment in the new services / ways of working.

The Scottish Government published a review of the strategic commissioning plans (PDF Download) in October 2016. This review identifies common themes and key areas for further development. The team have also produced a summary of this review (PDF – This link will take you away from our website).

Locality Plans

Every Integration Authority has to be divided into two or more localities and each locality needs to have its own Locality Plan.

The strategic planning guidance (PDF – This link will take you away from our website) issued by the Scottish Government in December 2014 to support Integration Authorities to develop their Strategic Plans includes some useful information about locality plans, as does the localities guidance (This link will take you away from our website). The Team have produced a summary of the strategic planning guidance (Download PDF) and a briefing of the localities guidance (PDF Download) that you may also find useful.

Like Strategic Plans, Locality Plans are expected to be live documents that are updated to incorporate new learning and to reflect changes in the local service landscape. Locality arrangements are still in their infancy in most areas, but we expect to see some activity around reviewing and updating the content of plans as Locality Planning Groups begin to bed in.

Where areas have produced separate locality plans you will find a link to these in the localities section of our integration arrangements spreadsheet but you will need to look at the relevant section of the Strategic Plan for most areas. Any consultation and engagement activity related to further development of these plans can be found on the consultations and redesign activities page on our website.

Information Locality Plans MUST contain

  • A list of the services delivered in the locality
  • A note of the priorities for the locality (under service headings), and
  • Planned expenditure under each service heading.

The Scottish Government review of the strategic commissioning plans (Download PDF) also includes some helpful information about Locality Plans and their content.