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"I’ve also been concentrating on things I enjoy doing and that make me feel better within myself."

“For as long as I can remember I just never felt as though I fitted in, I just didn’t get it, ‘life’. I just got on with it, always just plodding along, waiting on something…I don’t know what!

The years just went on, marriage, children, work, life…and I suddenly realised I wasn’t invincible! I needed tablets to sleep for a while, then needed antidepressants as the darkness was never far away. There were lots of days spent crying, hurting, grief, hopelessness, pain, brokenness, anxiety, depression. It was really hard at times to get through the day.

I was sent for counselling, which really didn’t help in the early days, in fact I would say it probably made me feel worse. Mental health wasn’t spoken about back then, it has come a long way since.  The counselling I’ve received just in the last few years has actually really helped by giving me a better structure and by listening to me without judgment. I’ve also been concentrating on things I enjoy doing and that make me feel better within myself, which we all deserve!

I have tried lots of medication over the years but now I feel I have found a balance. I was signposted to North Ayrshire Wellbeing and Recovery College (NAWRC) several years ago and that has been a lifeline. I started ‘BC’ (before COVID-19). I went to a few classes that I enjoyed and since then the college has come on leaps and bounds. The day after the first lockdown started, we were straight on Zoom. It just shows how NAWRC are on the ball and always doing everything they can to help students reach their potential.

Meditation yoga and reiki now play a big part in my life they also help to control my mood, (learning how to relax & breath) as well as writing poetry that I started in the first lockdown.  I am now a peer volunteer with NAWRC, learning always, enjoying the work we do & the learning that comes with it. Never forget there is always someone there to talk to whether online or by phone! Please never feel alone with what you are going through! Reach out Please !!!!”


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