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"I’ve seen a community spirit that I hope remains long after COVID-19 dies out"

“With the temporary cessation of face-to-face support, we are working from home for the time being. We’re using technology wherever possible to make video calls to the people we support to maintain some visual contact. When this isn’t possible we provide structured phone calls to try and continue the facilitation of the positive outcomes we usually do.

Coronavirus has impacted upon every area of our lives and I’m no exception. It’s disheartening when I see all the cancellations and postponements in my diary and the impact it has had on the routines of the people we support.

Recovering from alcohol related brain damage (ARBD) requires a degree of structure which we’ve helped people put in place over the years. We try to get people to engage in community activities to widen their social circles and build their self-management skills. So with everyone being asked to stay at home, this is all on hold at the moment.

The staff team at Penumbra have pulled together and adapted to these ever-changing times remarkably well, we’re helping each other out making the best of technology to stay connected with one another. Barring the unnecessary stockpiling that created shortages for others, I’ve seen a community spirit that I hope remains long after COVID-19 dies out.

We’ve all seen the horror stories about various employers treating their workforce with apparent disdain, so I’m feeling fortunate that mine has been supportive and attentive to our wellbeing and mental health. It means a lot during these uncertain and anxiety inducing times.

Personally, I’ve been able to spend more time at home with the kids and indulge in spare time interests such as art and poetry. Sometimes, all you can do is keep yourself safe and ride out the storm. Once normality resumes, first thing I’ll do is have a haircut”.

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