"Every citizen's voice must be on the record"

“Societal Norms have nudged human begins into a contemporary ticking time bomb. Disabled people face access issues to community life; free personal care is but a dream, once you consider the additional cost of living, and aid appliances paid for from the own budget; volunteering is encouraged until a DWP employee labels you as a consumer of government welfare and no longer a citizen of the UK. And at the tip of the iceberg is the ill mental health which weaves our society like the black death.

If independent living is the dream, the UK governments public policies are the nightmare. For the UK ministers to be openly in denial about poverty and human rights abuse, is for me to give up on meritocracy. To date that is something which I cannot do. Therefore, I must conclude the sitting UK government is seeing but a glimmer of citizens over the garden fence.

Integration and coproduction of services and communities can provide a more prosperous future for every citizen. An equal society can benefit all citizens, not just those which are viewed as street furniture or not viewed at all. That dream though can only become a reality if community planning partnerships coproduce a vision of growth and wellbeing alongside the citizens and third sector which play a vital role to the health and social care of every citizen. The inclusion of citizenship education in the curriculum and that should include human rights is essential.

If the Scottish government’s vision of a healthier fairer Scotland is to become a reality, every citizen’s voice must be on the record. Utopia we may never establish, it is paramount though that society gets off the utilitarian trainwreck before the benefit is only to the few not the many. The bomb is ticking, will you save society?”

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