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“We all feel better when Caroline is doing well, us, her, and her support workers”

“We’ve had difficult times over the past twenty years plus since Caroline became unwell. She has endured long spells in hospital ranging from a few weeks up to two years, and recovery always takes a long time. Before her most recent stay in hospital, she was thriving on a good quality of life for six years! Presently, although she does have better days, her medication makes her extremely tired. She manages quite a few activities and often wants to do more, but because she is so zapped, she has to limit herself.

Her support workers are so understanding, and to be honest, there has been a huge difference in Caroline since they took over her care long before her latest hospital admission. So much has improved in her life. We feel confident in the care she gets- we trust her support workers completely. They are lovely people to have around, they go to a great deal of trouble to understand Caroline and her needs, always putting her first. Beyond Limits really took the time to find the right match for her, making sure they have similar interests, sense of humour, and personalities.

Caroline is so much more confident now; she’s always talking to people when she goes out. With the help of her support workers, she’s getting back to her activities. She’s been horse-riding since she was a child, and she swims now too. She’s really getting there. As time goes by, we hope she will be able to do the activities she hasn’t done since she was in hospital. Its small steps.

The support workers are a part of the family, and they are great at supporting us as well. They give us the respite we need- a part of the burden has been lifted if you know what I mean. It’s been life changing really. We all feel better when Caroline is doing well, us, her, and her support workers. I really wouldn’t like to think where we would be without their care. She has blossomed into a much more confident and outgoing person, it’s a huge difference.”

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