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"I am proud to be a young adult carer, yes sometimes it is rough but I wouldn’t change any of this for the world."

“Hiya I’m Ilse and I’m a young carer. My caring role started due to giving my elderly grandmother emotional support, which I get some people wouldn’t relate this to being a carer, I didn’t either. This progressed and became both emotional and physical due to my gran breaking her hip. This is when life got hard, however I would do anything for my gran, and it would never be a hassle. My caring role included: personal care (toileting and showering), collecting medication, giving her medication and general housework. My caring role was tough with also trying to juggle school and exams then after trying to juggle college, but we got there.

I always had amazing support from my teachers and lecturers, but that cannot be said for all of them. Being a young carer back then wasn’t something that everyone understood, but I am forever grateful for the support I was given as I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am without them. During this time of caring with my gran I was also dealing with my own struggles mentally, including anxiety and being diagnosed with ADHD, however these diagnoses were tough it never stopped me supporting my gran.

In 2019 my gran deteriorated very fast, and very soon became bed bound which really meant it was a matter of time. Although my gran was bed bound it didn’t stop the support my gran needed. This time was a hard time for me and the rest of the family…April 2019 my gran sadly passed away.  As time has went on I have become a carer for my other Gran, right now its mostly emotional support, and especially now due to COVID-19 as I am the only person that visits to give her some support. Due to COVID-19 this has brought on isolation and loneliness. I also take my gran shopping and any appointments she may have. I am proud to be a young adult carer, yes sometimes it is rough but I wouldn’t change any of this for the world, its made me who I am.”

The 16th March 2021 is Young Carers Action Day. Find out more and have a look at resources for young carers on the Carers Trust site (this link will take you away from our website).

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