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"I have been pleasantly surprised by the kindness and compassion that not just I have been shown"

“For me the #StayAtHome message, I was fully in favour of as a way to reduce the curve affording our NHS some crucial time. But it also filled me with dread of being put into further uncertainty and isolation, even though having a chronic respiratory illness limits my day to day living outwith the current pandemic, I was able to have friends and family visit or sometimes they would offer to take me out for lunch, cuppa catch up. Simple pleasures that we all take for granted.

I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised by the kindness and compassion that not just I have been shown. It has restored my faith in humanity, communities rallying together making and delivering soups to the elderly and vulnerable.

Seems we are truly in this together rather than what my fears were telling me when I heard on the news people saying ‘oh it is only the vulnerable people that will be at risk’! What I would like to say to these people is your ‘only’ is someone else’s everything.

I am fortunate I have received a lot of telephone calls texts, emails offering support or assistance if I ever need it that is reassuring for me as I live quite rural, with no extended family members living nearby.

My nearest Carers Centre in South Ayrshire has closed its doors to general public in compliance to guidelines but they firstly called to let me know they would still be only a phone call away if need be. I also received a further message when the social distancing, vulnerable groups guidelines were issued. They phoned to ask permission for a designated member of staff to be allocated to me if I need some assistance and not to hesitate in letting them know.

I used to be a frequent member of a singing for lung health group Dayr to Sing. Even though I have not attended for quite some time due to my illness I have received telephone calls from my lovely friends asking if they can assist me in any way. Our facilitator has been sending some happy positive upbeat songs too. The British lung foundation keep me updated with information during this pandemic.

Keep safe everyone during these unprecedented times”

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