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"People make my job, absolutely... my job would be nothing without people"

“I work in a small GP surgery in the east end of Glasgow, we’ve got just over 2,000 patients. I’ve been with this practice for 20 years. What I love about being a practice nurse is you get to know whole families. You see all the generations and support them throughout their life. I’m the only nurse in the practice, my job is varied.

I love my job because no two days are the same. I do have a good connection with my patients. I think people find it easier to approach a nurse than a doctor sometimes.

I’d be bored if I sat at home. I’m kind of approaching an age where I could probably consider retiring, but I can’t find a reason to stop doing what I’m doing yet. There are new challenges to come.

One of my patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease came in, a young woman, and said she would like to join a singing group because she’d heard that helps breathing. I was like, oh, that’s new to me. At the first session 8 people turned up and it’s just grown from there. I just love the singing group. Just seeing the people come in, they’re a bit out of breath and they’re coughing and once they start singing you hardly hear anyone coughing.

They’ve all got to know each other, they’re all supporting each other. It gives me a buzz, knowing that it’s something that’s helping. It’s a fun thing that’s helping people.

People make my job, absolutely. Sometimes it’s just talking to somebody or listening. Sometimes it’s just the listening. My job would be nothing without people.”

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