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"I have endometriosis but it does not have me. I have now accepted my endo journey."

“My endometriosis journey has been a rollercoaster. I lost my youth, dreams and education.

I finally got my diagnosis at 20. It felt so good to have a diagnosis. Finally, I was believed.

I am incredibly lucky that I met my husband young, and I will be eternally grateful that I was able to have two children.

My periods floored me monthly for at least a week with heavy bleeding and horrendous pain. Then there was the pain that took over my body for the rest of the month too.

My gynaecologist fought for me and offered me a hysterectomy at 26, shockingly young, but I am so thankful he did. It gave me my life back.

The next chapter of my life went on for 12 years and, in some ways, I stopped saying I have endometriosis. I think I blanked out all the trauma I’d experienced.

I had my gallbladder removed in 2019 which seemed to kick my endo off again. It was hard to accept. I had my latest surgery in January 2021, my 5th laparoscopy. I have also had a DNC after a miscarriage, 2 caesarean sections, hysteroscopy, sterilisation, as well as a hysterectomy amounting to a lot of trauma on my body.

I am an ‘Endo Warrior’. The Endo community is amazing and in December 2020 I trained as a group leader with Endometriosis UK and set up the Caithness & Sutherland support group in January 2021. Demand has blown me away; we have now changed area to cover North Highland.

It is great to see the huge increase on awareness for endo, it was unheard of when I was diagnosed. I have endometriosis but it does not have me…I have now accepted my endo journey. One day, hopefully, we will be able to say ‘I used to have endometriosis’.”

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