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“I manage MS, MS does not manage me.”

“I was diagnosed with MS at 21, although my dad also had the condition I had never really considered having to live with it myself.  At the start, as it began affecting my mobility and not having any friends with MS I was introduced to a Living Well Self Management course from a family member who had seen the leaflet – this was the start of my journey.

For me that course was the moment that made me realise I was not alone and taught me the skills to manage my MS.  It was great to be part of a positive community so I jumped at the chance to train and become one of the Self Management volunteers, something I have really enjoyed for 10 years now.

The reason was simple, I wanted to give back to an organisation that had helped me discover who I was and since that point I have made long lasting friendships with others with MS and I hope our interactions have helped them manage their own condition.

I learnt techniques to help me live well, and to live independently…although don’t tell my husband who continues to make the coffees!  Adapt and overcome is the mantra for my life. I learnt that I was still me and MS was not and has not stopped me from achieving what I want, a message I am keen to share as part of my volunteering by discussing my own experiences and explaining simple adaptions that can make a big impact both physically and mentally.

As a volunteer I wanted to share what living well means to me, how to save energy and combat fatigue so that I can do the things that I actually want to do.  I am keen to continue growing and living a life where people get to know Kirsty, not Kirsty with MS and I hope that when others hear my experiences it inspires them continue leading their life to the full and not holding back because of MS.”


This story has been shared as a part of ALLIANCE Self Management Month, a series of events running throughout September.

Kirsty has been nominated for a Self Management Award. To join any of the free online events, please register using the link above.

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