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"The Forth Valley Sensory Centre is a big part of my life."

“I am 20 and have been partially sighted since birth. I have a buddy dog called Milly. I have tried many things throughout my life, some successfully and some not. I am usually willing to give most things a go, but my sight sometimes limits what I can achieve.

The Forth Valley Sensory Centre (FVSC) is a big part of my life. I volunteer in the tech hub where we display tech that can help make life easier for some people with sight and hearing problems. I got to fly a plane with FVSC, which was great. I think the passengers were a bit afraid, but I couldn’t see how high I was, so I really liked it. I managed to land the plane then take off again.

I also volunteer three days a week at a Strathcarron Hospice charity shop. I help around the shop with whatever I can and assist the Ebay coordinator in selling donated goods online. I have met some very helpful people at the charity shop and think it’s great to help a good cause.

Gaming is one of my favourite pastimes which can be very challenging for me and I would be the first to admit I am not the world’s greatest gamer. Mostly I enjoy having a laugh with my friends while playing games online. I am lucky as I have adapted my gaming area. I have a large screen and a smaller screen that can both be pulled closer to me so I can see them a bit better.

Myself and my dad are members of Pike Anglers Alliance for Scotland. The guys have got to know me and have welcomed me in the club with open arms. We mostly fish from boats as I have found the land at the side of the water can be very uneven, which I struggle to see.

I once applied to the fish of the week competition in the Sun and won £150 in vouchers for a 23lb 2oz Pike I caught at a Pike Anglers Alliance event.”

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