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"With the injuries I sustained, I could easily not have been here to tell the tale at all."

“I have been a keen runner for over 10 years and during lockdown I took up cycling as a means of cross training.  In November, however, I set out on a cycle that – unbeknown to me at the time – would change my life forever.  I was hit by a van travelling at 60mph, sustaining numerous broken bones in my neck and ribs, and serious lacerations to my liver and kidneys (and latterly blood clots in my lungs).  This led to a spell in ICU, and almost a month in hospital.

I got home on Christmas Eve and made great progress, however as time has passed I have begun to realise that I may never fully recover.  I am in constant pain and discomfort, and nerve damage has led to a loss of dexterity in my left hand.  I try to stay positive though, and focus on what I can do, so as soon as I was able to (February this year), I began to jog very slowly.  I ran less than 100m at first, gradually building up to longer distances.  I have run marathons before and – perhaps in a moment of madness! – I decided that, to give me something positive to focus on, that I would enter another; choosing Loch Ness, in October. In the past I have had times I’ve been aiming for, however in this instance the target is simply to finish, and to raise money for charity in the process – I am running to raise fund for Whiteleys Retreat in Ayrshire.

As I have begun to jog further I can see my fitness improving, although breathing continues to be more laboured than before.  I am not pain free while running, but no worse than when I’m not, and I am so grateful to be back doing it when, with the injuries I sustained, I could easily not have been here to tell the tale at all.  I really feel that this marathon has given me a positive focus in a tough time and the generosity of friends and family, as well as some complete strangers, has really given me the inspiration I need to continue.”

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