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"I am loving my job and the chance to meet all these inspirational people"

“I work as a Clinical Psychologist in Health half time working into a Rheumatology department here in Aberdeen. My work before was in adult and occupational health psychology and I have been fortunate to travel a little as well. I was delighted to be selected to join this team of innovative health professionals after one of our consultant medics took the visionary decision to use the money saved from his sabbatical year to employ a psychologist. This was highly unusual in this area of health. The first year was a steep learning curve for me with many new things to understand. We had a year to prove it worked and that patients found it to be of benefit. Happily the findings were very positive, people’s mental health and their coping strategies improved and the post has been made permanent.

I work with people of all ages from 16 upwards. I feel privileged that people share their amazing stories of life with me and we work together to find ways to help keep them at work, help them cope with their mental health as they work through the life changes which these illnesses can bring. We are also working with the community including with link workers to help people make use of supported self management improving their feelings of connection and purpose.

I am lucky enough to be able to represent our patient group and our team to the cross party working group soon. I very much hope I can rise to the challenge and help to give our patient group a voice which will be heard. I have learned so much about these conditions which was unknown to be before this job and I am passionate about sharing this information to reduce the isolation and discrimination which all to often occurs. My aim is to help people maintain employment, good mental health and dignity.

I am writing this on so called Blue Monday but I have to say when it goes well I am loving my job and the chance to meet all these inspirational people”.

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