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"It’s my life’s work to help empower others and help to make this world we live in a more loving, empathic one"

“I’m so grateful for the life I have now. Sometimes I let my mind wander back to a time where I was completely bed-bound for many years, unable to stand the light, speak, read, write or understand simple 3 letter words at times. Thereafter dealing with so many years of wheelchairs and mind boggling, heart wrenching relapses. Conventional treatment initially had me on 178 pharmaceuticals a week for all the pain, dysfunction and side effects.

I smile with tremendous heartfelt gratitude for all those beautiful memories, that brought joy to my three boys hearts, when tiny remissions occurred. Which meant we could do our lovely outdoor activities together again. Then the devastation we felt when the knock-on effects drove me right back into the lands of relapse. Very few people knew the full extent of how ill I was.

The diagnosis in 1999 when my boys were 2,5 and 7, was severe M.E, after sustaining a head injury. I became a single mum two years later.

I remember profound relapses trying to deal with all those dysfunctional health, social, educational and justice systems. Despite all that my three boys and I navigated the journey with all the love, compassion, integrity and dignity, rooted deep within our hearts and souls.

Secondary conditions in 2009 were endometriosis I.B.S, severe anxiety disorder and latterly PTSD. It’s hard to believe that my 32 symptoms were a physical manifestation of trauma.

I found it incredibly difficult to make sense of a harsh world where victims of crimes are shunned and left unsupported. However, I do know that in finding forgiveness we set ourselves free. I understand people are just doing the best they can with the awareness, resources and knowledge they have.

Fortunately I worked out that our own innate healing mechanisms have very powerful regeneration properties, that respond very well to heart centred, holistic health-care.

I channeled my energy into creating and managing creative, environmental workshops, which blessed us all in so many ways. As I healed I studied extremely hard and became a holistic health practitioner, artist, author. I created 48 natural, organic skincare products. I also founded the ‘The flourishing well’ and host wellbeing workshops.

It’s my life’s work to help empower others and help to make this world we live in a more loving, empathic one. One where people that have been through Adverse Childhood Experiences receive trauma informed support, enabling them to flourish.”

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