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“Often our service users just want us to stop and chat with them, but time does not always allow for this”

“As a walking care and support worker, I have to work effectively as I will help five or six different people get up in the morning. I help them with tasks such as washing and showering, dressing, medication, continence care, preparing breakfast and tidying away, remembering how they like their tea or coffee, while ensuring my service users participate as much as they want to and can do, before recording my tasks and signing out, then moving on to my next service user.

Being able to do all of this whilst still trying to socialise, maintain my infection practices, remember where each individual service user keeps all their belongings, and stick to my time constraints, without appearing to rush them can be difficult. Often our service users just want us to stop and chat with them, but time does not always allow for this.

There are times where there is quite a bit of pressure, and we can be late between service users. Some will make comments “why are you late? I have been waiting here for you.” I always apologise, I say “I am so sorry, I am really trying”, or “I got here as quick as I could”. I do understand it is not easy for them, but sometimes I feel as if they don’t always see what we must do, or fully appreciate everything we have to do, and I do feel under pressure then.

If we are busy, or there has been an issue with another service user my morning runs might spill into my lunch runs, and it means I can’t get home for a wee break and some food. It can be hard going.

We do have service users who will ask “how are you dear” or “what did you get up to at the weekend” and for them to take a few minutes out of their time to think and check in on us is amazing and makes the hard work I do feel appreciated.”

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