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Michael Byrne shares his poem on COVID-19 as part of our Humans of Scotland series.

Beautiful Sounds

Sometimes on those dark days

You can’t imagine the sunshine of May

You can’t feel the love that’s all around

You can’t hear the beautiful sounds

You’re mind jumps to catastrophise

How are we ever going to survive

How will we ever make it through

What on earth can we do?

Days filled with endless news

Listening to others opinions and views

Believing in your hopelessness

Without trying to pass the optimism test

A change is coming to embrace

It will change the meaning of our human race

The world will never be the same again

For woman, boys, girls and men

Is that such a bad thing?

Perhaps with cash no longer king

To live in a world of hope and love

To believe in something high above

The sun will shine again

The clouds will clear after the rain

The calm will return after the storm

Babies will still cry when they’re born

We will hear those beautiful sounds

We will feel the love all around

We will see the sunshine in May

We will survive these dark days

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