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"Long Covid has not only impacted on my life but also that of my family."

“I was a fit, healthy 33-year-old mum of 2 girls who enjoyed life and spending time with my family prior to COVID-19. I worked full time.

March 2020, just before lockdown I fell ill with what turned out to be COVID-19. It started with what I assumed was a sickness bug, however as the week went on the “typical COVID-19 symptoms” started (continuous cough and fever). As I fell ill so early on in the pandemic a test was not available. I thought I was beginning to feel better and then around day 7-10 I became very unwell and was barely able to get out of bed. With advice from the COVID-19 assessment centre and continued care from my GP I started to feel more like my “old self”.

By June I felt I was in a position to return to work on a phased return. I was slowly building up the number of hours I was working a week when I felt the symptoms flare up again and the overwhelming feeling of fatigue and shortness of breath began to dominate my life. I was extremely fortunate and saw a Respiratory Consultant who performed numerous tests/examinations and diagnosed me with Long Covid.

I have now been suffering with Long Covid for 12 months. My main symptoms include breathlessness and chronic fatigue. The breathlessness is starting to subside with the help of regular physiotherapy. Like many long-term illnesses, Long Covid does not only affect me physically, it has also impacted on my mental health.

Long Covid has not only impacted on my life but also that of my family. Family time involves ensuring a “nap for mummy” is planned into our activities. Never in a million years did I expect COVID-19 to affect me, as a young, healthy fit mum the way it has. 12 months on and still living with the real long-term effects of COVID-19. Unable to return to work and live the life I was leading prior to COVID-19. I cannot thank those who have been involved in my care enough.”

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