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“I felt like I couldn’t get help fae anywhere, then I met the Community Links Practitioner."

“So many things were affecting me. I’d been having no luck trying to get them sorted out!

I’d tried to get my garden sorted for years. I have mobility issues. To access my garden, I needed the plants growing round banisters, steps and handle of my back door, cleared.

Guys who come to maintain it only do the middle, won’t touch the edges. I’d tried various organisations. No one was able to help.

After speaking to the Community Links Practitioner it was sorted within days! She arranged a local community group, who usually work on other areas – but Covid had affected their work – to come and clear the garden!

I hadn’t sat in my garden for years, so it’s really been making a difference. So good for my mental health during lockdown. I can get some fresh air, chat with supportive neighbours, participate in barbecues and quizzes.

Soon after, the smoke alarm in my living room started constantly beeping. I can’t reach it, even with my walking stick! I left messages with my landlord with no reply, sitting there with this noise for days!

I thought ‘maybe my CLP can help,’ and gave her a call. Next day I had the fire brigade out.

“You must be going mental!” They said, and sorted it.

She also arranged medicine and food deliveries. I’d been running low and lying awake at night worrying during lockdown. I now get regular deliveries.

Now I know she’s there and have her number I can relax a bit. I don’t want to call for everything. I have two people from different organisations helping me with my welfare case. However, now DWP want to conduct a PIP assessment by phone.

My usual person can’t see me because of COVID-19. I can’t remember everything over the phone. I might phone the CLP, ask if she can assist.

Sometimes, I speak to her a while, little check-ins. I don’t have many others to talk to. Such a help mentally! Afterwards I take a breath and physically feel the benefit.

I couldn’t get help fae anywhere! Now she’s sorted things out, a Godsend!”

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