Imran standing against wall

"I feel like I’ve come full circle. I’m helping people who were in my position."

“I was a post office manager at the time, and I was just standing at work one day and the sight in one eye just went. No warning, no pain, no nothing. I finished my shift and thought it might get better. The next day I went to the hospital and they said my retina had detached. They don’t know why it happened to this day.

I was going in for my third operation and I noticed a little speck in my other eye. They said that retina has detached as well. I asked when I could get back to driving and they said it’s never going to happen. In the waiting room I just started crying. I wasn’t prepared for it, I wasn’t expecting it. I thought I would just go back to my old life. I went home and stayed in bed for two weeks.

Eventually I managed to pick myself up and went to the RNIB and they said they could help me find a job. I started volunteering and eventually a full-time job came up. Luckily, I got it. That came to an end and now I work for Access to Work. I go out and see people with sight loss, hearing loss and dyslexia to offer help, support and advice. I feel like I’ve come full circle. I’m helping people who were in my position.

The most amazing moment is when I’m seeing someone with sight loss and they see my white cane. Their mentality changes when they see somebody with sight loss doing this type of job. When I see the figures for people with disability in work it’s heart breaking. They just need a little bit of support.

It sounds weird to say, but losing my sight was one of the most positive experiences because now I’m helping people in a real way. Before that I was just plodding along rather than being in this great position. My confidence is sky high.

If you’re facing sight loss and you are feeling really low, just know there is help and support out there. You have to reach out to people and, I assure you, they will reach back and help you.“

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